How to sell your property online

How to ensure that your property sells online.

Nowadays, almost anyone that is looking to buy a property will firstly browse the internet. It is therefore vitally important that your estate agent will advertise your home on as many of the major property websites as possible.

Once listed the secret is ensure that your property stands out from the crowd, and potential viewers actually click on your listing to find out more information. Once there, if they like what they see, and the description matches your criteria then you have a better chance of gaining a viewing.

So how can you ensure that your property is clicked on rather than somebody elses?


You need to ensure that the price is achievable. There is no point trying to ask for too much money, you simply won’t generate any viewings. Ask your agent to provide you with a “Best Price Guide” so you can gauge whether your asking price is competitive. If it isn’t then potential buyers will simply bypass your listing for one that is.


Your property needs to be presented in the best possible light and this needs to be communicated with photographs to potential purchasers. Ensure that before your estate agent visits that your home is immaculately clean and tidy, not only inside but also externally. You are planning to move house anyway, so ensure that all clutter and oversized furniture are removed. Its all about first impressions, if the photographs look appealing the click-through rate will increase.

Property Listing

Ensure that your property is listed on the top property websites, if it isn’t you will be missing out on potential hits. The cheapest way to do this will be to employ an online estate agent.


Get your price right, get the presentation right, list your property where it will gain the most exposure.


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About facebook seventh most successful online estate agent in the UK

A former ‘for sale by owner’ website has become the most successful online estate agent, says a new report which makes the first analysis of online estate agents. 

The report commission by ‘The Estate Agent’ the magazine of the NAEA undertook comparison of online estate agents, looking at their prices, services, year established and the quality and popularity of their websites.  the quality of each online estate agent’s website was judged using an online tool known as Website Grader (WG) which compares various factors to give an overall score out of 100.  The factors include online visibilty, online popularity and the structure and features of the website.

Surprisingly, iSold, the Spicerhaart venture backed by Tesco, does not feature in the top seven online estate agents ranked by quality of website:

  • The Little house Company
  • My Property for Sale
  • Half a Percent
  • 121move
  • House Revolution
  • House Network
  • Turtle Homes

The reports author, James Cole of The Big property list, said the online estate agency sector is characterised by new entrants or former estate agents starting up online.

Cutting out the High Street Estate Agent

HOMEOWNERS looking to sell their homes have traditionally hired estate agents to find buyers and ensure the sales go smoothly.

However, with households tightening their belts, more and more vendors are contemplating the DIY route to finding a buyer, which could save them thousands of pounds.

In fact, new findings from Propertydatingagency, an introduction agency for buyers and sellers, suggest that one in five people considering selling their homes over the next six months are looking at alternatives to the traditional estate agent.

“The property market slowdown and house price falls means it now takes almost seven months to sell a property,” says Stephen Foden from Propertydatingagency. “This is prompting sellers to look for other ways — and cheaper ways — to sell.”

Those who are considering shunning the traditional route have a number of options available to them.

These include private sales, selling directly to friends or family, advertising in the local newspaper, putting up a “for sale” sign outside the property, and going online.

Selling over the internet is one of the most popular alternatives and classified ad sites such as and enable vendors to cut out the middleman.

It is up to you to decide how much detail to provide in your advert but you can improve your chances by adding photographs and in some cases even a YouTube link to help you market your home to potential buyers.

Yannick Pons from, another site that provides free classified ads, says there has been a marked increase in private sale ads on the site and also home swap ads where sellers try to swap their properties with other interested sellers.

According to its figures, the number of new home swap ads in the third quarter of 2009 was double the number in those months the previous year. “A growing number of sellers are bypassing estate agents altogether to sell their properties privately,” says Pons.

“The advantages of using home swapping to sell a property over the traditional estate agent are twofold. Sellers can save thousands of pounds on estate agent fees and are also guaranteed to be entering into a chain-free purchase.”

The increase in the number of people prepared to cut out the estate agent has given rise to a whole host of new dedicated property-selling websites.

Propertydatingagency, for example, puts sellers in contact with buyers and allows them to talk directly to each other.

Sellers pay a registration fee of £10 that entitles them to contact a set number of buyers to gauge their interest, while buyers registering on the site state exactly what they are looking for in terms of property, price range and whether or not they are cash buyers.

TV presenter Sarah Beeny has also launched a new property website called Tepilo, which aims to “hand-hold” vendors through the home-selling process.

Sellers can personalise their descriptions and there is no charge for uploading details. You can also sort out professional floor plans and home information packs via the site.

“It seems bizarre that it could cost you around £10,000 to hire an estate agent to sell your house when you could do this yourself for free,” says Beeny.

“There is a general perception that selling your home is daunting and incredibly complex but this isn’t the case. All is required is a little bit of work and effort — and you can make some big savings.”

But not all agree that DIY home-selling is plain sailing.

“Going it alone can be a lot of work and hassle,” warns Melanie Bien from mortgage broker Savills Private Finance. “You have to do everything yourself including setting the price, marketing the property, and showing people around.”

She also warns that it could end up costing more if you don’t get the price right and fail to negotiate hard with the buyer. “Estate agents are experienced at selling homes and are trained to get the best possible price for a property,” she says.

“They will have a better idea than you as to what the property is worth and will have a high-street presence and website to assist with marketing the property. They should also have potential buyers on their books who may be looking for your type of property.”

Bien urges potential sellers to think carefully before cutting out the middleman. “Many people who go it alone put a ‘for sale’ board outside the property, but this only works if there is good foot-fall past your home, or if it is on a busy main road,” says Bien.

“Others advertise on websites or in the local paper but it is difficult to get your advert to stand out compared to an estate agents’ slick website. Taking photos to use in your advertising may also be difficult as you are not a professional photographer — so you may fail to do your property justice.”

Sellers who still want to stick with the traditional method of hiring an estate agent to sell their home can expect to pay an average charge of between 1.5 and 2 per cent for sole agency — this means that only one firm is allowed to market your home.

If you want more than one firm to help you sell, you will probably pay the successful agent around 3 per cent of the sale price as a fee.

When you employ an estate agent you are signing up to a set of standard terms and these state that the agent will try to sell your property with a certain period of time.

This agreement is legally binding so it is important to ensure you understand the terms and conditions. You also need to check with your estate agent as to what would happen if you have your home on the market with that agent but end up selling your home some other way, for example to a friend of a friend via word of mouth.

“This can be a bit of a grey area,” warns Melanie Bien from broker Savills Private Finance. “It depends on the wording in the terms and conditions and your rapport with the agent so make sure you read the small print.”

Richard Tuck from recommends a “half way house”, by using an online estate agent you can combine the cost savings associated with private selling whilst still having a full estate agency service. The only catch is that you will have to do the viewings yourself. But as Richard explained “”the vendor knows their property the best and therefore is the best person to show people around”.

Online Estate Agents – Selling Your House

Are you looking to sell your house? If so then you’ll want to do so without allowing too much time to pass. Otherwise your house will begin to lose some of its value. This occurs often when distress sales and leaves the seller looking at their various options.

Most people begin by advertising their house with a real estate agent. You would have to pay fees for the solicitors to create sale agreements. They would have to verify the deeds and title to the property as well. You’d also have to spend money on fees for the agent and pay cutbacks which would setback your profit. These fees would add up over time and before long you would have spent more money then you would have wanted to in the first place. This is something that you should think about when selling your house.

There are many real estate agents that will reduce the value of house to make sure that it sells as quickly as possible. You will still have to pay the expensive fees regardless. There is other ways that you can go about selling your house including using online estate agents. Many real estate agents run their own websites and have advertisements for different properties on their websites.

Most agents do not concentrate solely on their online endeavours. Most make less money online so they concentrate more on their offline sales. This causes many real estate agents to neglect their websites so that they can focus on their offline practices. This causes many online estate agents to be unreliable. There are many agents however that are capable of making a lot of money using the internet so they use both the internet and real world to make sales.

Many people decide that selling your house online is the best solution since it is a simple process and allows them to avoid blood sucking agents who are only interested in making as much money as possible.

Most online estate agents will only require you to fill out an online form. Most don’t require you to pay any money at all. This online forms would be very simple asking for only your name, address of the property and contact numbers. You’ll start receiving responses within twenty four hours of the submission of the form. This is one of the quickest and easiest methods of selling your house.

As mentioned above, using online estate agents allow you to sell your house online easily and quickly. You’ll also find that online estate agents also allow you to sell your house while paying much less money on fees and commission. Your house will receive a maximum amount of exposure.

People from other areas of the world would be able to see the advertisement that you have put online. You also don’t have to worry about suffering loss of profits that are common in distress sales.

Sell your home with an online estate agent

The present is the world of internet technology and web is accessed by millions of people everyday. Internet is considered the best source of advertisement and give you sense to advertise whatever you want to sell on the internet to ensure scores of people get to see it.

Now it is cheaper and more effective to sell house on the internet than through the regular estate agents. There are a large number of internet websites which offer online estate agents services. The fee of online estate agents is nominal as compared to regular estate agents for the same purpose. There is no need to worry if you want to sell your house because online estate agents can make the whole process very easy for you.

Putting your property on the net for sale invite a maximum number of customers thereby increasing its chances of going at a good price. The commission of the online estate agents is a fixed, which is very reasonable if compared with the commission charged by your local estate agents. You will face a large number of formalities in selling your house; however going through online estate agents will reduce these difficulties at large extent. Keep in mind the factor of reliability in online estate agents when going to sell your property.

Always opt a reputable and well established online estate agent for selling your property. This will reduce the risks involved in choosing a professional group. Online estate agents are better for advertising your property. Keep in mind the customers views on different sites about online estate agents. If views are positive about online estate agent it mean that the estate agents have a good business for a number of other customers there is a possibility that he would do good business with you too.

The greatest advantage of opting for an online estate agent as opposed to the high street estate agents is the visibility that your house would receive on the net. But such kind of visibility is only possible when online estate agent you hired has partnerships with other widely browsed estate advertising web sites. Online estate agents have made easy the task of selling your house. You should always opt an online estate agent that has been around for some time and has some good facts and figures to show regarding its sales.

The online estate agents should be reliable and honest. About 90% of the peoples starts looking for a house on the internet to begin with, make the most of this internet boom and get your house sold at a great price with minimal effort by utilizing the services of professional online estate agents.

Estate Agents Face Property Website Threat

The National Association of Estate Agents has admitted the days of the traditional high street agency could be numbered due to the popularity of property websites.

The days of the estate agents’ ‘big shop front’ may be nearing an end In the last two years, one in four estate agents in the UK has closed down. Meanwhile, the online property market has been booming, with a 35% growth this year in the number of property searches on Google.

Property search engine Rightmove says that 90% of all homes on the market can be found on their site. Philip Bullman, of the NAEA, told Sky News Online that the internet posed a threat to high street branches but insisted that there would always be a role for an agent. “I do think there’s an opening for a virtual estate agent out there but you still need the local experience and the people on the ground,” he said. “Most buyers don’t like to negotiate face-to-face with the seller over prices and they prefer to use a middle man. “Home Information Packs (HIPS) can also be quite complicated and many people would want an agent to sort that for them. “But yes, I think maybe the day of the big shop front is nearing an end.

” TV presenter and property expert Sarah Beeny said that circumventing estate agents and selling your home online independently can be quite straightforward. She has set-up a free website called Tepilo which helps homeowners to sell their property without having to pay hefty fees. “It’s actually easier dealing with things yourself – we find our mortgage ourselves, we find our own holidays, we book our own flights,” she said. “The internet has empowered the average person to deal with things and there’s no actual reason why they can’t deal with selling their house.”