Turtlehomes.co.uk seventh most successful online estate agent in the UK

A former ‘for sale by owner’ website has become the most successful online estate agent, says a new report which makes the first analysis of online estate agents. 

The report commission by ‘The Estate Agent’ the magazine of the NAEA undertook comparison of online estate agents, looking at their prices, services, year established and the quality and popularity of their websites.  the quality of each online estate agent’s website was judged using an online tool known as Website Grader (WG) which compares various factors to give an overall score out of 100.  The factors include online visibilty, online popularity and the structure and features of the website.

Surprisingly, iSold, the Spicerhaart venture backed by Tesco, does not feature in the top seven online estate agents ranked by quality of website:

  • The Little house Company
  • My Property for Sale
  • Half a Percent
  • 121move
  • House Revolution
  • House Network
  • Turtle Homes

The reports author, James Cole of The Big property list, said the online estate agency sector is characterised by new entrants or former estate agents starting up online.


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