How to use social media to help sell your house

In such a tough housing market, many vendors are using more and more creative ways to help secure a sale on there property. 

Social media websites are increasingly becoming part of peoples everyday lives.  Facebook has over 500 million active users as at July 2010 and Twitter has 100 million active users. Communication via Tweets and status updates is set to overtake that by email and text messages in the next few years.  In essence it has become mainstream and people are using social media in more constructive ways, for instance to sell their homes. 

So how can this help you sell your house you may ask?  Well unless you have a friend, fan or follower that is looking to buy a house and your house happens to fit you requirements exactly it will be very difficult. 

There are instances such as Peter Bouvier in Southampton who created his own website to advertise his home and posted it on Twitter.  He claims to have generated 30 viewings and agreed a sale without an estate agent. 

In real terms, however, using an estate agent to sell your house will provide you with the best chance.  Look out for online estate agents who embrace the power of the internet to its full potential. for example will create a specific page on their website for your property and then create links to it from facebook, twitter and YouTube.  They have created a large following of fans and followers over the last two years.  While many fans are not in the market for a home, they’ll often forward the listing to friends who are.  The listing gets passed from one page to another, generating a lot of exposure..


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