How to value your own home

It is actually fairly straight forward to estimate the value of your home, especially if it is located in a built up area.  Believe it or not most of the tools available to estate agents and surveyors are also available to the general public. 

Estate Agents rely on comparable information to gauge what a buyer may pay for your property.  If they are good they will know what similar properties in your area area were marketed for and prices they achieved.  

In previous times you would have had to scour estate agency windows and local newspaper adverts to get a feel for the housing market in your area.  But in the age of the internet everything that you need is available online. 

Land Registry record every property transaction and feed the achieved prices to various websites such as nethouseprices, our property and mouseprice.  From these sites you can easily see how much your neighbours have sold their homes for. 

Get a feel of what properties are being marketed for on websites such as rightmove and globrix.  You can simply enter your postcode along with some basic criteria and immediately see how much other vendors are asking. 

Finally you can get an instant “online” valuation using sites such as Zoopla and propertypriceadvice.  Type in your postcode and you will see a rough estimate of prices in your road.  You can then select your actual address, and it will provide a price estimate based upon the previous sale price and an index of house price fluctuations in the area.  Be careful, these sites are not always accurate and will give you a confidence level of how accurate they feel the estimate is. 

If you require any further advice contact online estate agents who will compile these reports for you free of charge.


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